Duolingo Update for French Learners

You may have noticed that our meeting is no longer listed on Duolingo. The meeting is still on, and everyone is welcome to join!

Our meeting’s original home was Meetup.com and now also this website. Duolingo expects that meetings are hosted only on Duolingo, using their meeting link system. Ours doesn’t work that way so their Event Manager allowed us to list the meeting link separately. This meant that Duolingo members could join our meetings but not receive XP. However there have been an increasing number of complaints about not being able to get XP which the Event Manager has been forwarding to us. We have therefore decided to remove our meeting from Duolingo for the moment.

Our upcoming meeting will always be listed at this link and you can keep in touch with us in several other ways. If Duolingo makes it possible for us to list our meeting again in the future without generating complaints then we will definitely do so.

We want to stress that everyone who found us through Duolingo is absolutely still welcome to join! We love chatting with you all, and we’re sorry if this change causes you any difficulties.