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En temps normal nous nous rencontrons en personne au centre-ville de London, Ontario mais pendant la crise de COVID-19 nous nous rencontrons en ligne. Non-Londoniens sont sans aucun doute bienvenue à nos réunions virtuels! Nos réunions sont très détendu et nous accueillons des locuteurs de français à tous les niveaux.

Under normal circumstances we meet in person in downtown London, Ontario but during the COVID-19 crisis we are meeting online. Non-Londoners are absolutely welcome at our online meetings! Meetings are very casual and French speakers of all levels are welcome.

Note For French Learners

When in-person this group is purely conversational. There are no lessons, no formal topics of conversation and no arranged activities, it’s just a group of friends who get together in the pub, except in French. For virtual meetings we try to preserve this same feeling. When more than 6 people join it’s impossible to have a conversation without accidentally interrupting each other so we split into “breakout rooms” of between 3 and 5 people, selected at random by the video software. Every 30 minutes the rooms are closed and then opened again with a different mix of people in each. This is how we try to simulate being in a pub and drifting through different conversations.

If you don’t yet know any French then you probably won’t find it helpful. If you know even a little French (even just a few Duolingo levels) but aren’t yet comfortable speaking you are welcome to attend just to listen and develop your “French ears”. However, definitely have a go at speaking or asking questions. Nobody will judge you. We’ve all been there! If you speak French at an intermediate level or better (or are a francophone) it’s a chance to brush up your skills. You are not expected to be a teacher or tutor but if you’re able to help beginners with questions occasionally then great!

In short: relax, be tolerant, and like everything else you get out of it what you put into it.

Notes techniques / Technical notes

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